Despite the potential for particularly severe injuries and a higher percentage of death associated with motorcycle accidents, bike enthusiasts number in the millions and come from all walks of life. The less-than-happy endings to some of their rides are perhaps no better highlighted than by media stories of celebrity biking mishaps. Actor and reality start Dean McDermott's recent crash of his dirt bike in Los Angeles, in which he suffered a collapsed lung but no other serious injuries, is illustrative of other public personalities' literal falls from grace that serve to educate regarding motorcycle crashes and the need for safety. New Jersey was the venue of a noted bike accident. In September, 2007, while riding in the state, George Clooney was hit by a Mazda and taken to a local hospital, along with his passenger girlfriend. Clooney had a rib fracture; his girlfriend broke two toes. While cruising in Los Angeles last year, Brad Pitt was allegedly cut off by a paparazzi in a car. Pitt couldn't maintain control and dumped the bike over. "I had a little mishap," he said. Fortunately for him, no injuries. That was not the same for Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has suffered substantial injuries in two separate bike accidents. In 2006, Schwarzenegger hit a car while on his Harley Davidson and ended up with 15 stitches in his lip. In a 2001 crash, he hit a car that suddenly stopped in front of him and broke six ribs. And then there is Super Bowl quarterback Ben Roethlisberger of the Pittsburgh Steelers, who broke his jaw and nose and underwent seven hours of surgery following his bike accident in June 2006. Roethlisberger was not wearing a helmet. Of course, motorcycle crash injuries happen to people across all spectrums. The bottom line for all riders is quite simple: Be as safe as you can. Related Resource: "McDermott joins famous club of celebrity motorcycle mishaps" July 3, 2010