Workers who think they aren't being paid fairly can use a wage claim to inform the Division of Wage and Hour Compliance of this issue, potentially getting the money they are due. For example, a worker who was not paid more for overtime hours may make a claim, or a worker who was simply not paid for hours that he or she worked. Naturally, employers do not appreciate when this happens, both because they are forced to pay and because action could be taken if the law was broken. Some employees, then, are nervous to file for fear of losing their jobs, especially if their claim is denied and they don't get any extra money. For this reason, you can put in an anonymous wage claim. There is one downside to an anonymous claim. You are not going to be provided with updates as things progress. If no resolution can be reached or your claim falls through for any reason, you'll hear nothing. The only time that they contact you to tell you what is happening is if they resolve the situation and need to give you the money that you are owed. It's not hard to file anonymously. Instead of filling in your name on the part of the form requesting it, just leave it blank and write in the word "anonymous" instead. It will then automatically be processed in this fashion, and your employer will not be told who filed the claim. As a worker, you need to know your rights in New Jersey, and you need to know what to do if those rights are violated. Source: New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development, "How to File a Wage Claim," accessed July 13, 2015