Dogs are known to be man’s best friend. We treat our dogs like family. Despite the close bond many of us share with our dogs, it’s important to remember that just because they’re domesticated, doesn’t mean they can’t be dangerous. Dogs are still wild animals and can display aggression if they’re feeling scared, in pain or threatened. 

Dog owners have a responsibility to keep their dog under control. This means that owners should leash their dogs at all times when they’re around people. But what happens if you were partially at-fault for getting bitten? What if you were bitten on a piece of property you didn’t have permission to be on or you pet a dog despite being told not to? Can you still recover compensation for your injuries? 

New Jersey’s “Strict Liability” Law

Under most circumstances, dog owners in New Jersey are held strictly responsible for injuries sustained when their dog bites another person, even if they didn’t know the dog was dangerous and had no prior history of attacks.  

However, there are exceptions to this rule if the injured individual:

  • Provoked the dog
  • Trespassed onto the dog owner’s private property
  • Was injured by the dog in another way, rather than by a bite

In cases of shared blame (or some other type of aggressive action by the dog other than a bite), New Jersey’s “comparative negligence” rule will go into effect. If the victim is determined to be largely at fault for the injuries they sustained in comparison to the owner, they will not receive any compensation. However, if the victim shares fifty percent of the blame or less, the compensation they receive will be reduced to their percentage of fault. 

A dog bite injury can be serious. Oftentimes, victims suffer broken bones, nerve damage, significant scarring and emotional injuries such as fear of dogs, anxiety and PTSD. If you were bitten by a dog (and even if you were partially to blame) you may have a right to compensation. Our attorneys will investigate the details of your case to make a determination. Call us today. 

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