It's the residual effects from brain injuries that are generally the most difficult issues to deal with after an accident has occurred. A 2-year old child at a daycare center was struck in the head by tree limb, and since then the boy has had to undergo brain surgery. The brain injuries have also caused the child to engage in a number of involuntary movements that his parents are having a difficult time dealing with. To most observers, these movements appear like violent seizures. The child likely is terrorized at the onset of these movements as he probably does not understand what is occurring. Often when an incident such as this occurs, there is an outpouring of support. The child is receiving messages of support and hope from the community in which he lives, and from celebrities and complete strangers. Unfortunately, it will take much more than that to help the child recover. Because of the lasting impact and unpredictability of brain injuries, it's difficult to calculate all the care a victim will need in order to make a full recovery - if such a recovery is even possible. Medical expenses alone can be insurmountable for the family. There is also the need of full time and sometimes even permanent care for brain damaged individuals as well. Personal injury attorneys can assist clients and family members dealing with brain injuries. However, it does take a lawyer that both understands the consequences of brain injuries, and knows how to place a dollar value on the types of expenses victims of brain injuries will face in the present and in the future. Source: WSBTV 2, "Tripp Halstead's family describes brain injury side effects," Nov. 12, 2012
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