Paul Williams, a former welterweight boxing champion who has headlined a small number of Atlantic City, New Jersey fight cards, was paralyzed in a May 24th motorcycle accident. Williams, who was wearing his helmet while riding his motorcycle at the time of the accident, was forced off the road to avoid striking a car head-on that had swerved into his lane. The motorcycle he was riding then went down a steep embankment before Williams was thrown from his motorcycle. Williams is now scheduled to have surgery to stabilize a portion of his injured spinal cord. Though he appeared to be in good spirits, his trainer said that Williams is likely in denial concerning what did occur. Sadly, spinal cord injuries often involve young and extremely healthy subjects that are injured in motor vehicle accidents. Too often, they rely on their youth to make their living. If someone suffers a spinal cord injury in an accident, they may wish to consult with an attorney to explore their legal options. Too often, someone suffering a spinal cord injury may not be able to contemplate precisely what their options may be. The problem with spinal cord injuries is that such injuries are almost always irreversible. When someone experiences a spinal cord injury, they usually are required to undergo a number of surgical procedures simply to survive, will likely have to undergo extensive physical therapy, may be required to take a number of pain medications to endure their physical suffering, and will likely have to learn a whole new livelihood or figure out other means to pay their bills and support their families. A good personal injury attorney can help such individuals receive compensation for what has occurred. Source: ESPN, "Paul Williams paralyzed after crash," by Dan Rafael, May 29, 2012