It seems that nothing can stop shoppers on Black Friday. Despite Superstorm Sandy, residents in New Jersey braved the crowds this year like they have on the day after Thanksgiving Day for a countless number of years past. Retailers prepped and prepared for the beginning of what could arguably be the largest shopping weekend of the year. A number of retailers even participated in "Gray Thursday," the first day of the weekend. Those who weren't put to sleep by their turkey dinners made their way out to the malls. One group said that they started the weekend off at Target at 9 p.m. and didn't stop all night. The group got the best deals they could from Target before they continued on to the Freehold Raceway Mall by midnight between "Gray Thursday" and "Black Friday." Then, when those deals had been sufficiently demolished, they made it to Kohl's by 4 a.m. for their door-buster deals. While shoppers may benefit from the crazy deals on Black Friday, it is important to remember those that staff the holiday weekend. Many of these workers are scheduled beyond their 40-hour work week, and for those who are classified as non-exempt, this means overtime pay. Sadly, not all workers are paid the overtimes wages they are due or are misclassified as exempt in order to avoid these increased wages. Employees who have not been paid the overtime they are due or given the meal and rest breaks mandated by law can seek damages through employment litigation based on a wage and hour claim. Source:, "Black Friday In New Jersey," Dan Alexander, Nov. 23, 2012 Our law firm helps New Jersey residents resolve employment law disputes.