In 2006, a bicyclist while riding in a bicycle lane was struck by a driver. As the result of the accident, he suffered a severe brain injury, and for some time there was uncertainty as to whether he would ever again regain consciousness. The bicyclist did, however, make a miraculous recovery, and he eventually graduated from college. He also taught himself again how to ride a bicycle. In response to his recovery, he organized a bicycle ride to raise awareness concerning brain injuries, and this year will mark the 4th annual head injury ride. The ride will take him all the way from the west coast into New Jersey. While riding his bicycle, he has now met up with a number of other individuals that have suffered brain injuries as the result of accidents. One such individual rides a bicycle constantly because it's the only mode of transportation that he is allowed to use because of his current condition. This same individual still suffers from double vision, limited range of motion in his right eye, and the ability to keep his balance. He also had to learn to walk again, and he found himself emotionally acting out like he was a young child. Sadly, he is one of the lucky ones. There are approximately 1.7 million individuals that suffer some sort of brain trauma every year - often as the result of negligence of others. Personal injury attorneys understand the trauma that such individuals have suffered, and the care that will be required for brain injured individuals. Such attorneys will cater to each injured individual's needs, and will help them locate the resources to help them recover. Source: Newsworks, "East Falls resident debuts brain-injury awareness documentary in Ambler," by Jimmy Viola, July 3, 2012