It's that magical time of year when temperatures begin to ease back down and large events take place that suit just bout everyone's tastes. Whether you're looking forward to a music festival featuring your favorite artists or that sweet spot of autumn baseball and football games, all will soon be in full swing. Enjoy many opportunities over the next few months to participate in activities you wait all year to do. While they are one of the great features of living in the modern world, large events also pose very real dangers at times to the attendees. Music festivals commonly see people injured by unruly crowds or poorly assembled stage equipment. Large sports events intrinsically involve two groups of people who care passionately about their team's winning. Depending on how the game goes, either team's fans may become violent and destructive. If you plan to attend a major event soon, be sure to look at the fine print on your ticket. In many cases, the ticket you buy contains language on the back that removes the venue hosting the event from liability if you suffer an injury. Who can I sue if I suffer an injury? Suing the responsible party if you suffer an injury varies significantly depending on the type of injury you receive, how it occurs and the venue where it occurs it. For instance, many events like music festivals or street fairs occur in spaces that do not regularly host large events, like a large open field, or a public square. These events usually hire out subcontractors who provide the stage and production equipment. Sometimes, because of the temporary nature of the structures, something goes wrong and a poorly erected stage or piece of equipment injures someone. In this case, the venue owner may share some responsibility, as well as the equipment provider and contracted their services (if they are separate entities). If you attend a major sporting event, most of the venues hosting these events include language that protects them if attendees suffer any injuries while at games. However, if you suffer an injury because another fan gets too excited and attacks you, then you may have a legitimate claim against that individual. Seek out professional guidance No matter how you suffered your injury, it is worthwhile to explore whether or not you have a legitimate personal injury claim. An attorney can help you examine the details of your experience and identify which parties hold responsibility. Be sure to take proper safety precautions as you head to your next large event -- it would be shame to spoil such a special experience with an unnecessary injury.