In a pedestrian accident that occurred in Paterson, a woman was run over on a crosswalk by a New Jersey Transit bus. Because of the accident the woman had her left leg and right foot amputated, and she is no longer able to speak because of brain damage suffered during the incident. A settlement with the various parties involved in the accident resulted in a $7.85 million settlement. Prior to the accident, the woman was described as a vibrant individual who was good at crafts and who loved to cook. All of this has changed due to what medical workers described as "the worst injury they'd ever seen." The injured woman remained in intensive care for a number of weeks, was hooked up to a ventilator for the first 18-days of her hospitalization and was forced to endure a multiple number of surgeries. Thankfully, most of us will never have to endure these kinds of injuries. Yet many individuals do suffer lesser injuries that still will require medical care accompanied by pain and suffering. Left to our own devices, most of us could never afford to pay the bills for the medical treatment or pay the rent during the times that we are out of a job due to the injuries suffered. Attorneys experienced in the area of personal injury are there to help such injured parties be compensated by the responsible parties. The multi-million dollar settlement will allow for the injured woman to be moved to a private facility later this month. Her lawyer, who is not affiliated with our firm, promised that the settlement would get her the finest medical care available. Unfortunately, she will likely remain bedridden for the remainder of her life and will always require to be fed by a tube. Still, it will bring some closure to family members (including a grown son) who now know that she will have the money to pay for the lifetime care. Source:, "Woman badly hurt by NJ Transit bus wins $7.85M in lawsuit settlement, lawyer says," by Mike Frassinelli, Jan. 7, 2012