The fire and its destruction are eerily reminiscent of a previous fire that occurred in August of 2000 at a similarly located apartment complex then known as the Avalon River Mews. The complex, which was also owned by AvalonBay Communities, was nearing the final stages of construction but succumbed to a blazing fire that ravaged not only the complex's four buildings but nine other neighboring houses and a number of nearby vehicles. This fire is recognized as one of the largest in the history of Bergen County and, similar to recent events, was able to ravage the building because of the lightweight wood-frame used during construction. The resulting destruction stretched across Undercliff Avenue and displaced 39 families. The Edgewater citizens who suffered losses in the 2000 fire brought legal claims against the building's owner, AvalonBay Communities, not only for the property damage caused to their homes or vehicles but also for their emotional damages as many who had to escape for their lives suffered from nightmares of the fire and post-traumatic stress. The Epstein law Firm, P.A., represented most of the families and successfully obtained confidential pretrial settlements for many Edgewater citizens. Six other families chose to take their claims to trial, where a jury awarded them more than $1 million for their property losses and emotional damages. Those seeking to donate to the victims of the fire can visit Those who have been displaced or affected by the 2015 fire at the Avalon at Edgewater, and are seeking legal advice or counsel may contact the Epstein Law Firm at (201) 845-5962 or by visiting the firm's website. This blog is written on behalf of the Epstein Law Firm, P.A., a civil litigation firm based in Rochelle Park, New Jersey that is experienced in representing clients in all types of matters including personal injury and property loss claims.