A fatal truck accident on the turnpike involving an armor truck occurred during the early morning hours. The accident occurred when the truck veered off one of the lanes on the turnpike and then struck the guardrail on the left side of the road. This caused the truck to then flip injuring a passenger and killing the driver. Negotiating a vehicle such as an armored truck on a turnpike with its complicated traffic patterns may possibly have been a cause in this particular accident. Truck drivers are expected to negotiate the roads with several lanes of heavy traffic and any number of entrances and exits. It's not surprising that such accidents occur. What is surprising is that such accidents do not occur more often. It's not unusual for medical expenses in such accidents to exceed hundreds of thousands of dollars. Individuals injured in these types of accidents generally will face prolonged hospitalization and rehabilitation before they are ever capable of returning to full or even part time employment. The injuries that they suffer may be permanent and require long term care and accommodations for their disabilities. All of this will place a great financial and emotional hardship upon other members of the family as well. Though such accidents have become commonplace, the injuries that result are almost always serious in nature. Too often truck drivers die in these types of accidents. Municipalities should be held accountable for designing roads that create unsafe driving conditions. In any case, it's often best that injured parties and their families seek legal counsel when these types of incidents occur to research their options. Source: nj.com, "Driver of armored truck killed, passenger injured in N.J. Turnpike crash," by Richard Khavkine, Dec. 7, 2011