A New Jersey based company had five of its workers die during a recent explosion at one of its factories. An investigation found airborne iron dust as the culprit in creating conditions ripe for a flash fire. This company appears to have a long history of ignoring worker safety as this is the third such incident involving this company this past year. The first prior accident caused the injury to one of its workers. The second prior incident caused the death of three other workers. The company has been criticized for lack of maintenance and inspection at its facilities for hydrogen leaks. It has also been criticized for having no procedures in place in case a leak actually takes place. A deadly fire as far back as 1996 has not prompted the company to implement accident prevention measures. Workers also were not given the proper training in order to understand the dangers that they faced when working at such facilities. The laws concerning worker injuries can be complicated, but an attorney experienced in the area of workers' compensation - and particularly experienced in representing clients suffering from catastrophic occupational injuries or illnesses - can assist workers and families in receiving the compensation that they deserve. Such representation can also force the company to make needed changes to insure worker safety in the future. The company mentioned above ignored the safety of a worker on several occasions. Workers at other facilities run by this same company could unknowingly be facing the same dangers as the workers previously killed or injured. Employers sometimes repeatedly ignore warnings and safety recommendations until a serious injury or fatality actually occurs. Source: The Republic, "Gallatin metal powders factory where 6 died in flash fire says it is improving safety," by Travis Loller, Nov. 17, 2011