In the second major bus accident this year on the Turnpike in Middlesex County, a tour bus crashed in South Brunswick on the New Jersey Turnpike on Wednesday, sending 18 individuals to area hospitals. The accident occurred shortly before noon in the southbound truck lanes around two miles north of Interchange 8A. Sources said the driver was the most seriously injured, and had to be airlifted by helicopter. Medical professionals treated him for broken bones internal bleeding after he arrived at the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital unconscious. The 52-year-old driver and a passenger were still in critical condition as of Thursday. Authorities are still attempting to determine the cause of the accident. A preliminary investigation indicated that the charter bus, which is owned by DC Trails, arrived in heavy traffic flow and crashed into the rear of a tractor trailer, which then stuck another tractor trailer. The bus had apparently come from Brooklyn and made curbside stops in Manhattan prior to travelling south. According to American Bus Association spokesman Dan Ronan, the driver has been working in the as a bus driver for 12 years and has a good safety record. Ronan added that the driver had stayed at a hotel in New York on Tuesday night following a run into the city earlier in the night. Fortunately, nobody died in the recent Turnpike crash. The bus crash that occurred earlier this year, back on March 14, ended in the death of the driver and a passenger. Sources said police have not filed any charges for the accident. Source: Star Ledger, "2 remain in critical condition after tour bus crash on N.J. turnpike," Sue Epstein, August 25, 2011.