State law enforcement and transportation officials are serving up multiple reminders to New Jersey motorists regarding the upcoming winter season and their new responsibilities as motorists throughout the upcoming months. Specifically, they are noting the recently amended state law that places greater exactions than before on drivers that venture out in inclement weather. In previous years, and similar to many other states, drivers in New Jersey were legally liable if snow and/or ice on their vehicles flew off while they were driving and caused motor vehicle accidents or injuries to others. There was no fine or other penalty assessed if ice and snow on a vehicle did not result in an accident or other damages; in other words, a motorist could not be cited simply for having failed to remove ice and snow before driving. That has now changed, effective from October 20. Any motorist who drives on New Jersey roads this winter without having first cleared winter debris from his or her vehicle will almost certainly be stopped and ticketed. Fines range from $25 to $75. "Ice and snow are great in their proper place, but that place is not on your vehicle if you are venturing out on New Jersey's roads," said Col. Rick Fuentes, New Jersey State Police Superintendent. Fuentes says the new law "prohibits what common sense should have already dictated." Pam Fischer, the state's Division of Highway Traffic Safety Director, agrees and strongly urges compliance. "The few moments it takes to clear ice and snow from your vehicle could prevent a crash or save a life." Related Resource: "Ice, snow must be cleared before driving" November 2, 2010