A lot of the focus -- when it comes to very preventable accidents -- is placed on drunk driving. While there is no doubt that this is a very serious and negligent accident-causing behavior, it is certainly not the only substance that leads to a large number of accidents. Drugged driving can cause just as many accidents. When individuals are under the influence of something like marijuana, they are slow to react. It is almost as if it isn't a distracted attention to the road but a lack of attention. It doesn't even have to be illegal drugs that can lead to accidents. Drugs like Ambien can cause symptoms of drowsy driving. A car accident occurred this past week in New Jersey that police believe was at least in part caused by drugged driving. The accident occurred on Tuesday morning, Feb. 5. A 22-year-old girl was driving her car when she was involved in a collision. Police were called to the scene immediately after, and when they searched the vehicle they found what they suspected to be in her system at the time. The report stated that marijuana had been found in the search of the vehicle, along with drug-related paraphernalia. The woman was charged with being involved in an accident resulting in injury or property damage, driving under the influence of a drug and other related charges. Police reports stating that an individual had drugs in their possession at the time of the accident could act as evidence in a civil lawsuit filed to seek compensation related to the injuries and the property damage incurred as a result. Source: Lehigh Valley Live, "New Jersey woman allegedly under the influence of drugs during Bethlehem accident," Sarah M. Wojcik, Feb 7, 2013 Have a question about car accidents and recovering compensation for driver or passenger injuries in northern New Jersey? Our website provides information and access to those who can help.