It was just short of one month ago when a serious truck accident occurred in New Jersey involving a dump truck and a school bus carrying a handful of children. One family suffered three times the amount of pain that day when a set of triplet sisters were on board. One of the sisters lost her life in the accident and another two were seriously injured. The accident occurred on Feb. 16, 2012. After approximately three weeks, one of the injured triplets went from being listed in critical condition just after the accident to finally being able to leave the hospital. She was being treated at Cooper University Hospital after the crash. Although the worries over whether she would survive have subsided, the young girl's fight is not over. She will continue to need difficult and expensive medical treatment in the form of physical therapy at a rehabilitation center. Three weeks may not seem too long in terms of a lifetime, but it is for an accident victim. Those weeks are often filled with constant pain, multiple procedures and extreme mental stress, worry and fatigue. Aside from the physical and mental damages, those three weeks of treatment do not come cheap. Even one overnight trip to the hospital can cost thousands of dollars. Accident victims who seek compensation in a personal injury lawsuit are looking to make themselves as whole as possible. Although negligent drivers should be held responsible for their actions, many victims file because they have to in order to move forward in their lives. Source: NBC, "Triplet Injured in Bus Crash Leaves Hospital," Jackie Gailey, March 7, 2012