45-year-old actor Tracy Morgan is said to be in critical condition after an accident on the New Jersey Turnpike. According to police, the incident took place at about 1 a.m. on June 7. One of the passengers in Morgan's vehicle, a New York man, died as a result of the crash, and several others were injured. Authorities have arrested the 35-year-old truck driver involved; he is expected to be charged with four counts of assault by auto.

Morgan is being treated at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick. Police say that the truck driver rear-ended the limo and caused a chain reaction crash that involved at least four other vehicles. Sources indicate that the driver failed to notice the traffic conditions ahead, although he did supposedly attempt to swerve just before the initial impact.

The truck was owned by Wal-Mart. A company representative released a statement saying that the company would take responsibility if the driver is found to have been negligent in the trucking accident. In addition, the National Transportation Safety Board stated that it will investigate the crash and whether any commercial trucking or limousine safety issues played a role.

After an accident of this nature, the families of the deceased victim and those who have been injured may be entitled to demand restitution for the financial losses and pain and suffering they have endured. Commercial vehicle companies are required to abide by various state and federal safety regulations in order to continue their operations, and failures in this regard may open them to civil liability after an incident such as this. An attorney may be able to facilitate the processing of the plaintiff's claims and expedite the distribution of any compensation that is awarded.

Source: FOX News, "Tracy Morgan critically injured in car accident", June 08, 2014