Though we're used to seeing such cases in New Jersey due to our wintery conditions, many other slip and fall accidents come about because property owners left items in aisles or did not clean up slippery substances from the floor. Recently, a man injured his knee and back at a workplace after slipping on some solvent that spilled over onto the floor. Unfortunately, the solvent also caused a burning sensation to that individual's skin. The injured man had to take off time from his place of employment due to his injuries, and he lost a substantial amount of wages in the process. He also claims to have received injuries and disfigurement due to the slip and fall accident. Also, he was unable to perform a number of routine tasks, and this resulted in his having to pay out for these additional services. The workplace was in the process of stripping the floors at the time that the accident occurred. At the same time, the injured man alleges he was not warned that the stripping of the floors was occurring, and the place of business failed to place any warning signs around the area where this activity was taking place. Though slip and fall injuries are common, the injuries that occur due to such instances are often serious. Individuals that have suffered such injuries need to be aware that they have a valid claim to make against the owner of the premises. Such individuals may wish to consult with attorneys concerning what has occurred. Though injured parties may be hesitant to bring such lawsuits, few people can afford all of the expenses that often result because of such accidents. Source: The Madison Record, "Slip on solvent leads to lawsuit," by Kelly Holleran, May 17, 2012