All drivers should stay vigilant about observing their surroundings while driving in New Jersey. Even if drivers are alert and focused on driving, the unexpected can still happen. A recent car accident on a New Jersey roadway was caused by the unexpected event of a deer trying to cross the roadway. When the deer crossed the New Jersey roadway, it jumped in front of a car. In response to the deer, the driver attempted to stop his motor vehicle to avoid colliding with the deer. Although the car was able to avoid a collision with the deer, when the car came to an immediate stop it caused a three-car accident. After the car stopped, it was rear-ended by a second car. The initial collision between the first and second car was compounded when a third car became involved in the accident. The third car crashed into the second car in a rear-end collision. The three-car accident had traumatic results. Two of the individuals involved in the accident were sent to a local hospital for injuries sustained in the collision. The medical condition of the two individuals has not been publically released. A deer in the headlights is not particularly that unique. Even a chain-reaction accident involving three vehicles is not that unique. Despite the common occurrence of each of these, even the smallest detail is important to any victim. Whether a driver slammed on his brakes or slowed to a stop matters when it is your body that is injured, your family that suffers when you can't work and your spouse who has to keep the home running because you physically cannot. Source:, "Deer crossing causes 3-car crash, sends 2 to hospital, police say," Meghan D. Hodgin, Dec. 6, 2012