A New Jersey utility worker was recently electrocuted while on the job when he came into contact with a downed power line that turned out to be live. The accident occurred in Monmouth County, and the worker in question was 20-years old. The worker was an apprentice lineman for the power company. County and federal officials are currently investigating to see how this work-related accident occurred. Whenever a worker dies while on the job, workers' compensation laws are put in place that present a statutory guideline as to how family members are to be compensated. Such laws, however, are complex, and it's generally best to consult with an attorney that understands such statutes before actually filing a workers' compensation claim. Such workers' compensation statutes also often require such an attorney to put into context how significant the loss will be for family members. It is not always simple to determine the financial loss a family may suffer when a family member dies. It must be kept in mind that every wrongful death accident that occurs while on the job is unique, and no two cases should ever be tried identically. Such a family member may have provided a number of financial services for the family that will remain unknown if an advocate does not speak on behalf of the family. For example, a 20-year old individual may not have much of a wage history, so workers' compensation carriers may be unwilling to provide family members a significant amount for any wage loss claim. Sadly, no amount of compensation can ever bring the deceased worker back. However, compensation can at least prevent even more hardship for a family that has suffered such a loss. Source: Claims Journal, "New Jersey Utility Worker's Death Ruled an Accident," August 6, 2012