Dogs are constant companions for many of us and for some of us our dogs go everywhere....including in the car. A dog riding in cars is not an uncommon event, but it can cause a potentially difficult situation for the driver. A recent New Jersey car accident may have been cause by a driver distracted by an unsecured dog riding in her car. The driver of the car that initiated the severe car accident on a New Jersey roadway had her dog in the car at the time of the accident. The car that caused the collision was driven by a 49-year-old woman. The accident began when the woman collided into a utility pole. After she hit the utility pole, she collided with five pedestrians. The pedestrians were walking together after leaving a local synagogue. Out of the five pedestrians who were involved in the car accident, two of the pedestrians were fatally injured and the remaining three pedestrians required medical attention as a result of the accident. The two pedestrians who received fatal injuries were died a result of the accident and declared dead at the accident scene. The other three pedestrians were taken to a local hospital for medical attention. It has been reported that the three injured pedestrians are still in the hospital but are in stable condition. The driver of the car that caused the accident has been released from the hospital and no further reports were made about her medical condition. Although the driver may not face any criminal culpability, the damages caused to the pedestrians during the accident may result in civil liability. Source: NBC New York, "Dog Possible Factor in NJ Crash That Killed Couple Leaving Temple," Sept. 21, 2012