Motorcycles are a popular and adventurous way to travel, but unfortunately those who ride motorcycles can and often do incur serious trauma if involved in an accident. Usually when an individual is involved in an accident a larger motor vehicle was the cause of the collision. In an unusual situation, a motorcycle caused a catastrophic motorcycle accident in New Jersey. The motorcycle that initiated the catastrophic accident was driven by a 42-year-old woman. The woman was riding her motorcycle on a New Jersey Interstate at about 2 a.m. when the accident happened. The accident began when the woman fell off of her motorcycle. The woman fell off of her motorcycle after she rear-ended another motorcyclist. The two motorcyclists were reportedly traveling in a motorcycle formation at the time of the accident. The events that caused the two motorcycles to collide were not released, but when the two motorcycles crashed both riders fell off of their motorcycles. While the two motorcyclists were laying on the Interstate, the 42-year-old woman was hit by semi-truck. The accident between the 42-year-old woman and the semi-truck caused the woman to suffer catastrophic injuries. The woman died as a result of the injuries incurred in the accident. The second motorcyclist also incurred serious injuries after being rear-ended by the female motorcyclist. The second motorcyclist was reportedly taken to a local hospital for medical attention following the accident. A third motorcyclist was also injured as a result of the accident. The third motorcyclist fell off of her motorcycle when she attempted to avoid colliding into the two other motorcycles. The third motorcyclist was also taken to a local hospital for medical treatment following the accident. Source: Lehigh Valley, "New Jersey woman killed in Williams Township I-78 motorcycle crash - UPDATE," Sara Satullo, Sept. 16, 2012