At least three people were injured in a multi-vehicle collision on Gorge Road in Cliffside Park on Thursday, according to A commercial bus, a BMW and a New Jersey transit bus wrecked early that morning, police told reporters. The commercial van was reportedly from New York, and the BMW sedan was registered to a New Jersey driver. Two of the three people known to have been injured were occupants of the commercial van. At the time of the latest press report, it was unclear whether the third injured person was the driver or a passenger in the BMW, although from the photograph included in the press report it appeared that the BMW may have been struck at the front end of the car's passenger side. The photograph shows the commercial van, with its back to the wrecked BMW, damaged on the front and sides. The driver-side airbag was deployed, and the front-left tire of the van is collapsed. The New Jersey Transit Bus is not pictured. According to the report, which is somewhat incomplete, no one on the New Jersey Transit bus seems to have been injured. At the time of that report, it was not yet known the nature or seriousness of the three people's injuries, but all three were transported to a local hospital for treatment. The Bergen Dispatch, however, offered the additional information that one person may have been trapped, and that the BMW may have been overturned before the photograph was taken. Whenever a large vehicle such as a transit bus or a semi truck is involved in a collision, its greater weight and momentum are often far more than a smaller vehicle is designed to withstand. These commercial vehicle accidents can be life-changing for their victims, or even deadly. Please drive safely. Sources:
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