An accident involving two vehicles resulted in the death of one person and injuries to two other people in Camden County on Feb. 23. One of the vehicles involved was an ambulance. However, it was not carrying any patients at the time of the incident. According to police, the fatal accident occurred around 5:00 a.m. in Magnolia Borough at the intersection of Evesham Avenue East and South White Horse Pike. A vehicle slid across the yellow lines and into the path of oncoming traffic, colliding with the ambulance. The vehicle sustained severe damage. The driver of the vehicle was taken to Kennedy Hospital in Stratford where he was declared dead. The two occupants of the ambulance were also injured; however, their injuries were not life threatening, so they were released after treatment. Police reported that speeding seems to be a factor in the crash. The vehicle had been reported stolen a day prior to the accident. The Magnolia Police Department continues to investigate the incident. In cases similar to this, an injured victim might consider filing a personal injury claim even if the prospective liable driver was killed in the accident. In some cases, the claim might be filed against the insurance company. The victim might seek the guidance of a personal injury lawyer, who might evaluate the information from the police investigation and any witness accounts to find evidence that the liable driver was negligent and responsible for the injuries suffered by the victim. When a driver violates the rules of traffic, for example by speeding, driving distractedly or driving while impaired, a driver might be found negligent. If the claim is successful, the victim might receive an award for economic and non-economic damages.