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April 2013 Archives

Moorestown Police found problems with teen's tale after accident

After an accident -- especially ones involving an injury -- an investigation is conducted and police will write up an accident report. The accident report includes notations about physical evidence, witness statements and educated conclusions from trained officials, so why hire a personal injury attorney who will conduct a separate investigation? A recent situation from Moorestown, New Jersey, sheds a little light on the importance of seeking independent advice and assistance. 

New Jersey law, unemployment benefits and non-compete clauses

It is no surprise that in a tough business climate, employers will want to keep the talent that they have and keep that same talent from being used against them. In a country based on freedom, a former employer can't exactly keep an executive from seeking employment elsewhere with a competitor -- or can they?

Slide down New Jersey embankment injures 14 bus passengers

We put our lives in the hands of others every single day, often without a conscious thought about it. From the moment we wake up, we rely that others have taken our safety into consideration. When we turn on the stove to make our oatmeal, we rely on a stove without defects. When we send our kids to school, we rely on teachers and officials to keep them safe. When we get into our cars to go to work, we hope others on the road will put a hold on negligent behavior.

2 semis, 2 box trucks and 1 big mess on New Jersey Turnpike

Accidents on the New Jersey Turnpike are often messy. There is no getting around it. Drivers are travelling at high speeds and often in heavy traffic where people tend to make last-minute decisions and react to unexpected events. If you have ever driven on the Turnpike, you also know that there are a large number of less-than-safe drivers on the road. Basically, it is a recipe for disaster.

Failure to follow fencing citations lead to deadly pool accident

Hackensack residents benefit from the cooling qualities that swimming pools offer during the summer months. Children love swimming pools whether they are at the local community center or in a friend's backyard. A safe pool with appropriate and properly maintained flooring and fencing is one that can be enjoyed, but without the proper safety precautions that love for pools can be a dangerous thing.

Real life version of 'Dawn of the Dead' not so entertaining

A truck was the only option for him as he ran away from the hoard of ghostly gray and stiff bodies chasing him. He took control of the large commercial vehicle as zombies clung to its sides, trying to climb to the front and turn him into another living dead. Maybe it would be with a single bite or maybe it would be multiple ones. He was literally speeding for his life.

3 injured in Cliffside Park wreck with New Jersey Transit bus

At least three people were injured in a multi-vehicle collision on Gorge Road in Cliffside Park on Thursday, according to A commercial bus, a BMW and a New Jersey transit bus wrecked early that morning, police told reporters. The commercial van was reportedly from New York, and the BMW sedan was registered to a New Jersey driver.

Former Rutgers director plans to sue for wrongful termination

Many New Jersey readers and basketball fans have already read extensively about the controversy surrounding former basketball coach Mike Rice, who was fired recently after a viral video showed him yelling profanities and abusive epithets at players. A former athletic director from Rutgers said that he was wrongfully terminated when he originally complained about the misconduct and potential abuse.

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