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June 2012 Archives

Newark Mayor Booker thanks Good Samaritans in pedestrian accident

It was only in April that Newark Mayor Cory Booker was hailed as a hero for helping rescue a woman from a home fire in his neighborhood. He was the focus once again of another accident scene. While he might like to be called a hero once again, he said that the honor goes to the quick thinking of other Good Samaritans at the scene.

Motorcyclist dies from injuries sustained in New Jersey accident

New Jersey roadways are regularly the location for motor vehicle accidents. The motor vehicles involved in the accidents include any type of vehicle that is present on the roadway, and often some of the most horrific injuries occur to a person on a motorcycle. Unfortunately motorcycle accidents usually cause significant physical injury to anyone who was operating or riding on a motorcycle during an accident.

Pets are put on same danger level as cellphones in New Jersey

Distracted driving remains the hot topic and a major cause of car accidents across the country. When a person hears the term distracted driving, the image of a cellphone probably comes to mind. However, that is not the only distracting behavior that can lead to a serious crash. Safety officials in New Jersey are putting pets on the same level on the danger scale as mobile devices.

Multiple car accident on New Jersey Turnpike: who's liable?

Multiple vehicle accidents have the potential to cause serious injuries to many people. Often in a multiple vehicle accident, the person who was actually in a collision with another vehicle may not be the person who initiated the chain events that caused the injury-causing collision. Investigators in New Jersey are currently working to determine the cause of a recent car accident that took the life of one person and injured others.

Commercial facilities have duty to keep floors safe for patrons

When New Jersey residents head to the grocery store, many make a list of things they will get while in the establishment. They may have milk, eggs, chicken, lettuce, shampoo or toothpaste on their list, but what most people do not include in their expectations is an injury from a slippery floor.

NJ police officer gets $110,000 after hostile work environment

A former New Jersey police officer filed a lawsuit against his employer for a hostile work environment, which was recently settled. A hostile work environment can be created when an employee is being harassed or discriminated against during the course of his or her employment.

Federal authorities tell curbside buses to put passengers down

Curbside bus companies have become popular modes of travel for passengers on the east coast. They carry passengers through New Jersey at a low cost. With transportation costs increasing, these bus companies with discount rates seemed like the answer. They seemed like a great choice; that is until the bus accident rates involving these companies began increasing.

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