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May 2012 Archives

Can someone be electronically present in a car accident?

Texting while driving has become a social concern and has been the underlying cause of many car accidents. Typically, car accidents that involve texting occur when a driver is actually texting while driving. Drivers who are texting while driving are usually liable for an accident that occurs because of the distracted behavior. Do the same rules apply to the person who is texting the driver? A unique lawsuit has recently been decided in New Jersey regarding the liability of a person who was texting someone who was driving.

Deliveryman injured twice when slips and falls on chemicals

Businesses have a duty to keep the floors free and clear of debris that could injure patrons whether it is a solid or a liquid. Slip and fall accidents may not seem like a big deal, but all it takes is a fall at the wrong angle and a person's life can change forever.

Texting while walking prohibited in Fort Lee

Motor vehicles are considered a means of transportation for most, but any victim of a collision can tell you that they are more like weapons when it comes to car accidents. Some of the most horrific car accidents involve pedestrians who are left unprotected when they are struck by the mass of metal carrying a significant degree of force.

Minor injuries sustained on truck accident on the Turnpike

Accidents are a very common occurrence on the New Jersey Turnpike. The Turnpike is a busy roadway that has various types of vehicles traveling on it at any given time. Earlier this week a semi-truck was involved in an accident with a bus on the Turnpike. Truck accidents usually cause a great deal of personal injury and property damage. Fortunately in this accident, the personal injury that resulted from the accident was described as minor.

Did street racing cause a fatal car accident in New Jersey?

An ordinary trip to the gas station recently turned into a fatal motorcycle accident for one New Jersey cyclist. The accident occurred near the MetLife Stadium. The events that led up to the accident seemed ordinary, except that the cars involved in the accident were two Ferraris owned by a local company that specializes in sport cars. The Ferraris were traveling down a service road to a local gas station when the drivers of the two Ferraris both lost control of the cars.

Road rage is a real danger on New Jersey highways, laws stiffen

Truly coincidental, accidental things happen all the time. On the road, it is surely possible for two drivers to both properly signal and both move at the same time from two outer lanes into the middle lane. We've probably all seen it happen or had it happen to us on one of New Jersey's busy highways.

Could New Jersey co-workers violate employee privacy?

Have you ever had an employer ask personal questions or request personal documents? Many employees have had these types of inquiries and requests made by their employer. This becomes a difficult and uncomfortable situation for the employee. These situations create an uncertain question of how much information can an employer legally request and the potential consequences to employees for noncompliance. Employee privacy is an employee right that often is not understood and under enforced.

UPDATE: Surviving New Jersey triplets seek damages for injuries

Several months ago, we wrote about a horrible truck accident that occurred on a New Jersey highway. The accident occurred when a dump truck collided with a school bus filled with children. Amongst the injured were triplet sisters. The accident claimed the life of one of the triplets and seriously injured the other two sisters. The two surviving sisters have both now been released from the hospital and the family has begun the process of dealing with the accident.

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