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March 2013 Archives

10-car Turnpike pileup disables dump trucks, box trucks

If you were traveling on the Hudson County Extension of the New Jersey Turnpike in Bayonne this Tuesday during the morning commute, you may have found yourself in a bit of a traffic jam. The accident occurred just east of the Newark Bay Bridge, but the traffic stretched back for miles. Why? That morning 10 vehicles had collided in a rear-ending truck accident.

Mannington Township officials worked late after motorcycle crash

The sad truth is that most of us have driven past at least one serious accident in our lives, some many more. We may travel past the scene of a serious collision and gawk at the debris scattered across the road. We may notice a tire that has been detached from a vehicle or a piece of metal we wouldn't think could bet twisted that way. We may even see a stretcher being hauled away by paramedics. We may wonder about the people involved in the accident and even feel grateful that it wasn't us.

Even a small pothole in Chatham can lead to a serious accident

All drivers have a duty to use reasonable care to follow traffic signs, stay alert and awake and pay attention to the road ahead, but what if the road itself is the problem? Doesn't the city have a duty to maintain the roads? A recent accident occurred as a result of a possibly dangerous road condition in Chatham, New Jersey.

Do all slip-and-fall cases end up going to trial?

When most people think about slip-and-fall accidents, lawyers and lawsuits, they probably think about a trial. They might picture a jury of their peers sitting on the side of the courtroom, a judge in the front holding a gavel and a defendant and plaintiff both on their separate side of the courtroom. They may picture witness after witness taking an oath and confirming the accuracy of diagrams that show where a spill was located or where signs may have been displayed in a grocery store. This isn't an incorrect picture, but a lot of slip-and-fall cases actually end up settling out of court.

Pedestrian ups damage award after Brand denies fault for injuries

This past January the well-known comedian and actor Russell Brand was involved in a car accident in which a pedestrian was injured. The pedestrian decided to file a personal injury lawsuit in order to receive compensation that would most likely help cover the medical bills that resulted from treating the injuries or maybe covering wages that may have been lost during the period of recovery. Either way, these damages were recently requested in the amount of $25,000 in October 2012.

Lifestyle contracts complicate teacher relationships

Under state and federal law employers cannot discriminate against a woman for being pregnant. Simple as that...or is it? What if the employee signs an employment agreement that states that she will not participate in certain activities, one of them being premarital sex? This might sound like an unusual agreement to sign, but it might be a lot more common than you'd think.

Graduated driver licensing programs need a second look

In relation to the length of time in which teenagers have been getting behind the wheel for the first time, graduated drivers license programs are relatively new. These programs were created to address the growing rate of teen drivers who were involved in serious traffic accidents. The programs were a good solution to a relevant problem; however, those numbers are increasing again.

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