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November 2012 Archives

Motorcycle benefit ride raises funds for New Jersey relief effort

Superstorm Sandy ravaged the shores of New Jersey with its strong winds and heavy rain. Even though a storm can bring damage and destruction, the silver lining is that some communities band together in a way that they never had before. New Jersey residents have showed their strength and generosity in the face of adversity.

To yield or not to essential issue in some car accidents

Many aspects of driver responsibility are contained in the New Jersey traffic laws. Traffic laws are designed to provide rules and regulations for navigating roadways and potentially reducing car accidents. Although many aspects of driving are detailed in traffic laws, a lot of them involve discretion on the part of the driver. The juncture between traffic regulation and driver interpretation is exemplified in the act of yielding when entering a highway or making a turn. Traffic regulations require vehicles to yield accordingly, but driver interpretation is required for the actual implementation of the act.

Graduated licensing decals have New Jerseys teens seeing red

Drivers these days are looking younger and younger, and while some are easily picked out as a teen subject to graduated driver licensing laws, it isn't always clear. Graduated licensing laws are ones that were enacted in response to the disparate numbers of teens who were involved in serious car accidents -- most often the collisions caused by the teen driver.

Winter brings snow, ice and car accidents to New Jersey every year

As winter approaches, New Jersey residents can expect to see lower temperatures, snow and ice. Winter conditions happen every year and inevitably the winter weather conditions affect traffic and contribute to car accidents that are caused by drivers who aren't adjusting to the changes in the conditions.

New Jersey woman killed by own vehicle in car accident

Most of us have had our car break down on a roadway or needed roadside assistance at some point in our lives. For many New Jersey drivers, when a motor vehicle breaks down, it requires the assistance of a tow truck to help move the vehicle and potentially take the vehicle to a mechanic. When the tow truck arrives, it may seem like the end of the accident situation -- but was not the case for a fatal car accident that occurred after a tow truck arrived to provide assistance to one woman.

Northern New Jersey residents hope every truck makes it through safely

Northern New Jersey is a completely different place in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. For many individuals, what was once the simplest of tasks has become a bit tougher. Over the past week and into the weekend, distracted driving seemed like a far off concept for many who could not even charge their cellphone in their own house.

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