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Construction injuries deserve fair compensation

If you work in construction, you know that you face very serious dangers each and every day. Construction sites, even when they meet safety standards, contain many opportunities for serious injury to workers in all areas.

When a construction worksite injury occurs, workers' compensation insurance steps in to ensure that you receive medical treatment and compensation for your lost income.

When money doesn’t solve your contract dispute

In the course of doing business, there are many opportunities for contract disputes to arise, as they regularly do. In many cases, when a claim is deemed valid, a court or out-of-court settlement will lay out a plan for fair monetary compensation to settle the matter.

But, what if your contract dispute can't resolve with money changing hands or paying for a similar service or product? This is sometimes the case if a contract involves a specific piece of property changing ownership, or if you entered into a very specific contract where substitutes will not suffice.

New Jersey Transit busses pose serious threat to pedestrians

Here in New Jersey, many people of all walks of life depend on NJ Transit busses to get them where they need to go. They also depend on these same busses to not endanger their lives, either as passengers or as pedestrians.

Unfortunately, not everyone who depends on NJ Transit for these simple needs is so lucky. Just a few weeks ago, a NJ Transit bus struck and seriously injured a man while he was crossing Route 22.

Dissolving a partnership can be messy business

Business partnerships are a tricky affair, not only because they make a business venture so innately personal, but also because they are one of the few business relationships that can legally exist without a written agreement.

Unfortunately, many partnerships hit the end of the road sooner or later, which can make for immense frustration for partners, especially if there is a disagreement about the terms of dissolution. For many partners, the difficulties of business create personal tensions that are make objectivity hard to maintain.

Wrong-way driver causes accident on turnpike

Imagine driving on the New Jersey Turnpike when a car suddenly appears in your lane, coming straight for you. This is exactly what happened to drivers on March 19. At approximately 9:30 p.m., officers made their way to the northbound lanes of the turnpike near Elizabeth to locate a driver that was driving in the wrong direction.

Once the police arrived on the scene, they found an accident had occurred. At least two people had to go to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The state police later charged the wrong-way driver with drunken driving.

As a pedestrian, you have rights, too

Imagine entering a crosswalk while with the right-of-way, but the car coming toward you fails to stop. The damages of such a collision can be severe depending on the speed of the car. Simply because the car is larger, does not mean the driver can ignore your rights as a pedestrian. Whether you are walking on the sidewalk or crossing the street, as long as you are obeying a reasonable duty of care, you have the right to be there.

Unfortunately, the National Highway Safety Associate (NHTSA) reports that, on average, almost 5,000 pedestrians lose their lives due to motor vehicle related accidents. Many of these accidents happen when people try to cross highways on foot.

Commercial construction workers: Be wary of accidents

As a commercial construction worker, you love the high-paced environment in which you work. Furthermore, you enjoy the fact that you're not sitting in an office all day long.

Unfortunately, the construction industry can be dangerous at times. Every year, people are injured in a variety of construction site accidents. Making matters even worse, this type of accident can also be fatal at times.

School bus causes a 4-car crash in Warren

On Friday, February 3, 2017, a school bus driver in Warren rear-ended a passenger vehicle. The driver, a 48-year-old woman, was driving her route for Watchung Hills Regional School District at 4:44 p.m. when the crash occurred. She struck the rear of the car driven by a Martinsville man, 44.

This set off a chain reaction, as that driver then slammed into a Warren man, 47, who collided with a 23-year-old Wharton driver. There was only one child left on the school bus at the time of the accident.

Mandated rest periods aim to reduce trucking accident rates

Driving a commercial truck is hard work. There are firm deadlines, a constant need for attentiveness, and life or death consequences if a driver makes a mistake. Many times, employers offer pay incentives for drivers who meet their deadlines. This, in turn, can inspire truck drivers to intentionally violate federal laws that mandate rests, breaks, and sleep time during each trip they take.

If you have been in an accident with a commercial truck and you have reason to believe the driver was suffering from exhaustion, you should consult with an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

Many accidents with large trucks are avoidable

Accidents involving large trucks are especially dangerous considering the great disparity in size and weight with the passenger cars and light trucks that are also involved. Many of these collisions between big rigs and smaller vehicles result in fatalities to those occupants of the passenger vehicles.

Even when the accident does not end in a fatality, if you were involved in an 18-wheeler crash, your injuries can be catastrophic and permanently disabling. If you have a family to support, your injuries can leave you unable to return to work for months. Some accident victims involved in collisions with big rigs are never able to return to the jobs they held prior to their accidents.

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