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July 2013 Archives

Will tragic school bus crash result in new NTSB recommendations?

Back in February 2012, the state of New Jersey was rocked by a tragic motor vehicle accident between a dump truck and a school bus at a busy intersection that left one student dead and five others with serious personal injuries. The sheer horror of the auto wreck understandably left many parents with reservations about the general safety of school buses and government officials desperately searching for answers.

Nationwide crackdown on I-80 to reduce auto accidents

New Jersey Police are joining with police forces from 10 other states spanning the U.S. to increase patrols on Interstate 80 for the last week in July 2013 to try to reduce auto accidents. Authorities are calling the safety campaign "the I-80 Challenge," and are using the slogan "more cops, more stops," to describe their efforts. The goal of the campaign is to have zero auto accident fatalities through the end of July.

Turtle crossing the road causes New Jersey car accident

Animal lovers are loath to think of hurting a creature with their cars. Some readers of this New Jersey Motor Vehicle Accident Blog may have even hit the brakes to make sure that a squirrel or duck could get across the street safely. People may want to think twice before stopping for animals unexpectedly, however. A Mays Landing woman's concern for local wildlife ended up causing an auto accident, when she was struck by another vehicle when she stopped to let a turtle cross the road on July 10, 2013.

Cell phone app to reduce distracted driving auto accidents?

The statistics about the dangers of distracted driving are well-publicized. Many in New Jersey and across the U.S. have read that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recorded 3,331 deaths from distracted driving-related auto accidents and about 387,000 injuries from such accidents in 2011 alone. Some people cannot seem to put their phones and other handheld electronic devices away when they get behind the wheel, however. 

Teen drivers should take care during July to avoid auto accidents

Parents often warn their teenage children to be safe before the teens go for a drive. Teens usually shrug off their parents' concerns, thinking their parents are just being overprotective. However, teen drivers should take extra precautions when travelling during the summer. A new study by showed that July is the deadliest month on U.S. roads.

Cars that can prevent drowsy driving auto accidents?

Distracted driving has garnered national attention as a public safety threat, and many realize how dangerous it is to try to do other things at the same time as driving. However, even those who would never use their cell phones while driving may not think twice about driving when they are sleepy. Many do not realize how dangerous it can be to drive when they are very tired, but public safety officials have begun to look at the threat that drowsy drivers pose to those on the road. 

Late night auto accident fatal for New Jersey teens

Summer is the greatest time of the year for many young adults in New Jersey. They are on break from school and have a lot of free time to engage in their favorite warm-weather activities like swimming, fishing, hiking or simply just hanging out with friends. However, sometimes the fun can turn into tragedy. Three young men driving home from a late-night fishing trip on July 2, 2013 were involved in an auto accident in Pohatcong, NJ, which resulted in their truck crashing into the Delaware River.

Motorcycle season is upon us, left-turn collisions common

Tear away those canvas covers, change the oil, dust off the helmet and get ready to ride; it's motorcycle season. Of course, hundreds of people across the state of New Jersey have already completed these tasks and are out on the roads already as summer gets into full swing.

Normal text messaging rates no longer apply in New Jersey

Warnings about how dangerous texting while driving can be are probably starting to sound like old news. It is a repeated warning only because there is still a need for it. Accidents continue to occur at shocking rates by something that could be completely avoided by something as simple as turning off the cellphone or even leaving it in a purse or center console.

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