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December 2012 Archives

Decline in traffic fatalities reverses for first time in 7 years

It seemed as though there was cause for celebration after it seemed as though the nation's roads were getting safer and the drivers more cautious. This theory was measured and reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in annual accident reports. For nearly a decade, these statistics have shown that the number of fatal accidents had decreased from the year before.

Too much celebration before driving is a voluntary choice

The holiday season brings many things in New Jersey, including celebrations. Holiday celebrations can be a time to spend with friend and family and often include food and drinks. When holiday celebrations include alcoholic drinks, the potential for a driver to become inebriated and become involved in a car accident can and does increase.

Onlookers watch as truck sets ablaze and 33 people are injured

Semi-trucks -- especially ones with their trailers in tow -- are large and heavy vehicles. These large and heavy vehicles commonly transport goods across the country, often beginning or ending their journey on New Jersey highways. The large size and weight of these vehicles are an important and dangerous factor in a truck accident due to the potential catastrophic damage the vehicles can cause when they collide with another vehicle.

Wrong-way incident turns deadly in New Jersey car accident

Travelers on the New Jersey Turnpike are typically ready for a variety of things that can occur on a busy highway. Most travelers are prepared for heavy traffic, merging and potentially distracted driving by fellow travelers. A recent incident, which caused a car accident, may have been completely unforeseeable by the Turnpike travelers.

Pedestrian struck down in car wreck near Route 15 and Tierney Road

It's always dangerous to cross a busy roadway, and that can be especially true in New Jersey. A tragic accident occurred recently on Route 15 South in Jefferson Township that proves that very point -- and reminds drivers how important it is to keep an eye out for pedestrians on our roads.

A 'bump on the bottom' can cause more damage than you'd think

Almost everyone has watched "America's Funniest Videos" or seen a blooper reel. We are all guilty of laughing at another's misfortune when they are walking up a stairs and miss a step, stand on something less than stable or do something else that causes them to take a tumble. While these accidents may seem funny on television, they really aren't a laughing matter.

FMLA protection isn't just about the time off

Many full-time employees get paid time off provided by their employer. They may get a limited number of sick days, floating holidays and vacation time. Although these days are generally enough to cover the needs of the average worker, there are some instances in which a family emergency or medical illness requires more time off.

A deer in the headlights is more dangerous than you'd think

All drivers should stay vigilant about observing their surroundings while driving in New Jersey. Even if drivers are alert and focused on driving, the unexpected can still happen. A recent car accident on a New Jersey roadway was caused by the unexpected event of a deer trying to cross the roadway.

New Jersey superintendent faces 2 employee harassment claims

A New Jersey superintendent for a school district currently faces two employee harassment claims. Employee harassment and discrimination can take many forms, such as sexual harassment and verbal abuse. Employees subjected to harassing conditions while at the workplace may have a cause of action against his or her employer.

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