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New Jersey Premise Liability Lawyers

Water, ice, and snow can be dangerous factors when not properly removed from walkways, store entrances, or other surfaces. When a property owner fails to exercise reasonable precautions in dealing with property hazards in a reasonable manner, serious slip and fall accidents can occur.

At The Epstein Law Firm, in Rochelle Park, New Jersey, our premise liability attorneys help slip and fall accident victims recover the compensation to which they are entitled for their injuries and suffering, including compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Slip and Fall On Ice, Snow, or Other Slick Surfaces

Contact our personal injury law firm to learn if you have a potential premises liability claim following a slip and fall on ice or other serious slip and fall accident.

It is understandable that snow and ice accumulate during or immediately following a storm. Everyone must take precautions in these situations in order to avoid serious accidents. When a property owner fails to act reasonably following the snow or ice storm, or fails to address other property defects contributing to the unnatural accumulation of snow or ice, the property owner may be held responsible for resulting accidents and injuries. Our attorneys handle premises liability claims arising from:

  • Slip and falls on ice that accumulated from leaky pipes
  • Slips and falls on ice that accumulated in an entrance way due to a defective gutter
  • Slips and falls on ice in a parking lot
  • Slips and falls in building entrances where water collects and is not properly managed by rugs or other means
  • Injuries caused by ice or snow falling from a building roof

We have extensive experience in obtaining favorable verdicts and settlements for clients who have suffered a range of injuries in slips and falls on ice, snow, and other slick surfaces.

Hackensack Workers’ Comp Claims Attorneys — Slips and Falls at Work

Icy or slick surfaces can cause accidents anywhere, including at work. At The Epstein Law Firm, our personal injury and workers’ compensation lawyers assist workers who suffer broken wrists, arm and leg fractures, ligament injuries, back or neck injuries, and other work injuries in a slip and fall at work.

These work accidents could arise in a multitude of situations, from the worker who falls on ice that collected in the parking lot at work to the commercial driver who slips and falls on an icy, snowy, or slick surface while making a delivery. Our Hackensack workers’ comp claim lawyers can help you obtain the workers’ compensation benefits you need.

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