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Mandated rest periods aim to reduce trucking accident rates

Driving a commercial truck is hard work. There are firm deadlines, a constant need for attentiveness, and life or death consequences if a driver makes a mistake. Many times, employers offer pay incentives for drivers who meet their deadlines. This, in turn, can inspire truck drivers to intentionally violate federal laws that mandate rests, breaks, and sleep time during each trip they take.

Many accidents with large trucks are avoidable

Accidents involving large trucks are especially dangerous considering the great disparity in size and weight with the passenger cars and light trucks that are also involved. Many of these collisions between big rigs and smaller vehicles result in fatalities to those occupants of the passenger vehicles.

Will mandatory speed limiters reduce trucking accidents?

Since March 2014, the Department of Transportation has been working toward mandating the use of Electronic Control Modules (ECM), or speed limiters, for large commercial trucks traveling over U.S. highways. The proposed ruling has experienced nearly two years of delays but, as of April 28, 2016, the Senate's Appropriations Committee passed a 2017 DOT funding bill that would make that date the deadline for publishing the rules for mandating the use of governors or speed limiters on these trucks. There are expectations, though, for this deadline to change due to the slim chance of legislation clearing Congress and the President signing it into law. Those who are opposed to the mandate have no complaints about the delay, though.

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