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Hackensack Burn Injury Attorneys

New Jersey Fire & Explosion Accident Injuries Lawyer

Explosions and fires cause burn injuries that often result in death. If someone’s negligence responsible for causing a deadly fire, they should be held responsible. The family of the burn victim may be owed money for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

The experienced burn injury lawyers of The Epstein Law Firm are here to help families throughout northeastern New Jersey. In a free consultation, our attorneys can speak with you about your situation. If you have a case, we will fight for you and charge no attorney’s fees until you receive the compensation you deserve. Contact us.

Burn Injury Litigation

Burn injury litigation can arise from all kinds of circumstances. Many cases involve:

  • Auto accidents : Often a serious auto accident can cause a car’s gasoline tank to catch fire and explode. Few people survive such accidents.
  • Product liability : Defective products often malfunction and cause terrible burn injuries. Anything from badly manufactured automobiles to badly designed power tools can be to blame.
  • Work accidents : Many chemical burns and electrocutions occur at work. Sometimes the accidents are due to product defects, such as faulty machinery. In some cases, workers’ compensation covers the damages; in other cases, it due to some other “third party” who is not the employer.

One recent case handled by our burn injury lawyers involved a man whose car flipped over and caught fire, killing him. We found that the accident was due to a tire that fell off while he drove, and that the tire was not properly secured by his mechanics. We obtained for the family a $4.25 million confidential settlement. (See our News and Notable Cases page for more about this and other past successes.)

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