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Any time an accident causes brain damage, the effects can last a lifetime. Anyone responsible for such an accident must be made to pay for both current medical bills and lifelong treatment and therapy. They should also pay compensation for pain and suffering and the decrease in quality of life of the injured party.

The Epstein Law Firm works hard for the families of people who have suffered brain injuries. The lawyers of our firm can meet with you free of charge and discuss what happened. If we take your case, we will charge no attorneys’ fees until a settlement or verdict is reached.

More on Brain Injuries

The type of brain injury most common in auto accidents and other tragedies is traumatic brain injury (TBI). Essentially, traumatic brain injury encompasses any sudden impact that causes brain damage. Sometimes the skull can be cracked, but more common are closed head injuries in which the damage occurs under the surface.

The brain and spinal cord make up the central nervous system (CNS), which controls every part of the body. The consequences of an injury depend on which part of the brain or spinal cord was damaged.

Symptoms of brain injury can range from an inability to move body parts properly to an inability to speak. Many people do not realize that they have brain injuries because they have symptoms, like emotional problems or serious headaches, which are not often associated with brain injuries.

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