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Hackensack Trucking Accident Injury Attorneys

New Jersey Truck Wreck & Accident Injury Lawyers

Trucks often cause the worst accidents. Because of the sheer size of tractor trailers, they have tremendous impact in a crash and often cause catastrophic injuries and wrongful death.

The attorneys of The Epstein Law Firm represent anyone in New Jersey who has suffered from a trucking accident. Our lawyers help anyone injured on Route 23, Route 46, Route 80, Route 208, Route 4, Route 17, New Jersey Turnpike, New Jersey Parkway, etc.

We will meet with you free of charge to discuss your case, and will charge no attorneys’ fees unless you receive a favorable settlement or verdict. Contact us.

Semi Truck Accident Litigation

Litigation involving large trucks is very different from other types of auto accident cases. Truck accident litigation involves many government regulations that must be followed by both drivers of big rigs and the companies that employ them. These regulations cover everything from log books to legal weight limits to driver fatigue.

If a driver or truck owner breaks these regulations, and a collision results, they can be held liable for all resulting damages. For example, if a person suffers brain injury or spinal cord injury after being rear ended by an overburdened 18 wheeler, the trucking company must pay for medical bills, pain and suffering, all future treatment and therapy, etc.

Our trucking accident lawyers have taken on many trucking companies and obtained the compensation our clients needed. In more than 100 years of combined experience, we have won many large settlements and verdicts for victims of personal injury, including many in excess of $1 million. See our News and Notable Cases page for a few examples of our attorneys’ experience.

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