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A pedestrian accident is a common yet tragic occurrence at certain busy intersections. Crosswalks and traffic signals don’t always solve the problem, since pedestrians have been hit by cars even when crossing the street with green lights and “walk” signals. Sometimes, a dog walker or jogger is hit by a car while strolling, hiking or running along the side of a street. In certain cases we hire accident reconstructionists if our client cannot recall the details because of their injuries.

Someone who has been injured in a pedestrian accident is best served through the knowledgeable and determined advocacy of a personal injury attorney. The Epstein Law Firm welcomes inquiries from pedestrian accident victims and their families. Contact us to schedule a free initial consultation and case evaluation.

Injuries caused by pedestrian accidents may include internal bleeding, broken arms or legs, head injury, back and neck injury, or skin abrasions. Fatal pedestrian accidents leave a family without a loved one. Whether the deceased was a wage earner or not, the loss to a family is incalculable, yet very real.

Motorists have a duty to yield to pedestrians, and pedestrians have the right of way. An investigation into the circumstances behind a pedestrian accident often provides the clues needed to obtain a favorable result for the victim: full and just compensation.

To schedule a consultation after a personal injury resulting from a car, motorcycle or bicycle hitting a pedestrian, contact us.