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Slip and Fall Accidents Archives

Can you hold a property owner responsible for a fall?

As another winter descends on New Jersey, treacherous conditions abound on roads as well as sidewalks and walkways. Slipping and falling on snow-packed, icy walkways may seem like a necessary evil for those of us who live here in the northeast. However, it's important to know that property owners, private and commercial, have some responsibility for keeping their property as hazard-free as possible for visitors.

Property owners can be responsible for trick-or-treating injuries

Halloween traditions have changed since many of us were younger and went door-to-door throughout our neighborhood and beyond in search of treats. Safety concerns have resulted in more parties and group events. However, many Bergen County kids (often with parents in tow) still go trick-or-treating.

Who is liable if your child suffers a playground injury?

New Jersey kids often spend hours a week on school, park and other playgrounds. Whether they're being supervised by parents, teachers or other adults, the risk of injury is still there. Few kids make it out of childhood without at least one injury, and perhaps a serious one. Over 200,000 kids suffer some type of playground injury each year.

Trip and fall accident cases in New Jersey

Some of the most common kinds of injuries in New Jersey trip and fall accident cases include back injuries, neck injuries, traumatic brain injury, broken bones and ligament injuries. Depending on the severity of these injuries, victims may be forced to pay for expensive medical treatments, rehabilitation therapies and time spent unable to work.

Why slip and fall injuries can be costly

Many people consider "slip and fall" injuries minor and not something that should warrant legal action -- until it happens to them. In fact, falls can result in serious neck and back injuries, broken bones and other problems that require medical treatment and sometimes, physical therapy and rehabilitation.

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