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Motorcycle Accidents Archives

Fatal motorcycle accidents are a growing problem nationwide

Motorcycle fatalities are surging and becoming a major problem in New Jersey. Hundreds of people are dying every year in motorcycle accidents, many of them victims of the negligence of other drivers. If you drive a motorcycle, you need to understand this problem and what you can do if it happens to you.

Riding with a group of motorcyclists requires unique precautions

While some New Jersey motorcyclists like the solitude of riding alone, others enjoy riding with a group. It may seem that being part of a group of bikers would make you safer on the road. It certainly makes for greater visibility by other motorists. However, riding as part of a group presents its own unique dangers. Some important precautions can offset those dangers and help your group rides stay enjoyable and safe for everyone.

What should new riders know about motorcycle safety?

To really be safe on a motorcycle in New Jersey, new riders shouldn't think that they can just hop on and start riding without taking the time to consider a few key points. This is, in many ways, harder than driving a car. Here are a few things that all new riders may want to think about:

There are more motorcycles now than there have been in years

Motorcycle use is soaring lately. Recent reports show that the use went up 84 percent between just 1998 and 2007. If that trend holds true, it could now be nearing another jump of the same proportions. Clearly, motorcycles are as popular as they have ever been.

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