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Mass Transit Accidents Archives

Emergency responders have to act fast after hilltop bus crash

If you traveled only a few miles on some of the more heavily trafficked roads and highways here in New Jersey, there is a very good chance that you would observe the drivers of passenger cars, pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles driving somewhat carelessly around trucks or buses, perhaps darting in front of them or following them very closely.

3 injured in Cliffside Park wreck with New Jersey Transit bus

At least three people were injured in a multi-vehicle collision on Gorge Road in Cliffside Park on Thursday, according to A commercial bus, a BMW and a New Jersey transit bus wrecked early that morning, police told reporters. The commercial van was reportedly from New York, and the BMW sedan was registered to a New Jersey driver.

Two buses collide in New Jersey, multiple passengers injured

Auto accidents in northern New Jersey can be traumatic and often involve multiple motor vehicles. When multiple motor vehicles are involved in a collision, the number of potential victims of the car accident increases. When passenger buses are involved in a car accident, the number of possible victims exponentially increases.

Near collision caused New Jersey car accident, is there still liability?

To make a civil claim for damages that result from a car accident in New Jersey, the injured person generally has to prove fault by the other party involved in the car accident. This legal theory is typically referred to as negligence and is most commonly proven through the actual collision between the two vehicles involved in the accident. Given this theory, can a car accident happen when the two vehicles involved in the accident do not actually collide?

New Jersey bus collides with small car in serious bus accident

When a motor vehicle accident happens in New Jersey, the collision has the potential to cause injuries to everyone who is involved in the collision. An accident is magnified when the crash involves a city transit bus that has the capacity to carry multiple passengers.

New Jersey school bus driver drunk at time of accident

A school bus driver involved in a recent crash in New Jersey was also accused of being under the influence at the time that the bus accident occurred. Fortunately, no school children were on the bus at the time the accident occurred, but the accident did occur at 1:45 in the afternoon. This same bus driver may have been transporting children later that afternoon. One parent described the situation as frightening. "You put your kids on the bus in the morning and you say goodbye to them, and you think they're in safe hands."

New Jersey Car and Train collision takes the life of elderly motorist

A New Jersey motorist was killed when the vehicle she was driving collided with a North Jersey Coast Line train. Fortunately, no passenger on the train was injured in this accident. The cause of the accident remains under investigation.

Another bus crash on the N.J Turnpike

In the second major bus accident this year on the Turnpike in Middlesex County, a tour bus crashed in South Brunswick on the New Jersey Turnpike on Wednesday, sending 18 individuals to area hospitals. The accident occurred shortly before noon in the southbound truck lanes around two miles north of Interchange 8A.

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