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Car Accidents Archives

Wrong-way driver causes accident on turnpike

Imagine driving on the New Jersey Turnpike when a car suddenly appears in your lane, coming straight for you. This is exactly what happened to drivers on March 19. At approximately 9:30 p.m., officers made their way to the northbound lanes of the turnpike near Elizabeth to locate a driver that was driving in the wrong direction.

As a pedestrian, you have rights, too

Imagine entering a crosswalk while with the right-of-way, but the car coming toward you fails to stop. The damages of such a collision can be severe depending on the speed of the car. Simply because the car is larger, does not mean the driver can ignore your rights as a pedestrian. Whether you are walking on the sidewalk or crossing the street, as long as you are obeying a reasonable duty of care, you have the right to be there.

School bus causes a 4-car crash in Warren

On Friday, February 3, 2017, a school bus driver in Warren rear-ended a passenger vehicle. The driver, a 48-year-old woman, was driving her route for Watchung Hills Regional School District at 4:44 p.m. when the crash occurred. She struck the rear of the car driven by a Martinsville man, 44.

Who pays for injuries caused by rideshare vehicles?

Who pays when an Uber, Lyft or other commercial ridesharing driver has an accident in New Jersey? This an important question now that these independent taxi apps have become the primary choice for many in need of a ride. If you are involved with an accident with a rideshare vehicle, who pays for the damages?

Pokemon Go Craze Spurs Fear for Public Safety

Undoubtedly, ever since the release of Pokemon Go on July 6, 2016 for the Android and iOS platforms, the world has been obsessed with "catching 'em all." As the mobile game requires that players explore the real world to catch Pokemon creatures, many have joked that Pokemon Go has helped many people lose weight and achieve their dream bodies.

What are the safest used vehicles for New Jersey teenagers?

When it comes to selecting an appropriate car for your teenager, it may not be in your budget to afford the latest new car with the most up-to-date safety technology. Considering how many used cars there are to choose from, parents are often left wondering which ones are the safest for their fledgling young drivers to operate. Fortunately, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has some great information on this topic.

New Jersey state trooper charged with DUI while on the job

The last person whom anyone in New Jersey expects to be involved in a car accident with is a law enforcement officer on the job who is driving under the influence of alcohol. However, a New Jersey state trooper has been arrested after hitting another vehicle with his marked cruiser. The trooper allegedly had an open container of alcohol in the vehicle at the time of the accident.

Five mistakes that can cost you dearly following a car accident

Car accidents are a fact of modern life that many of us will experience at least once or twice in our lives. Since these accidents happen out of the blue without advance notice, it is vital for everyone to know what to do (and not to do) ahead of time in order to protect your rights, freedom and pocketbook. When a car accident does occur, many do not think clearly and make mistakes that can turn out to be costly. Here are some of the top things not to do after a car accident:

Stay safe and avoid accidents on New Jersey roads

It is hard to imagine that 100 years ago, very few people had an automobile. This is especially hard to think about when most of us are forced to drive to our jobs, drive our children to school and drive just about everywhere else during the day. We spend so much time inside our automobiles that most New Jersey drivers completely forget about the extreme dangers they are facing when they take to the roads. This is why it is important to practice some safe driving techniques to lessen the chances of getting into an accident.

New Jersey family shocked by Facebook posts about son's death

When someone loses a family member in a tragic auto accident, the pain and anger are understandably unimaginable. For one Jersey City family, however, that pain has been compounded by Facebook posts from those allegedly responsible for the death of an 8-year-old boy.

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