The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration recently announced that it was planning a study into the causes of large truck crashes. It is seeking public input into how the study should be designed so that the FMCSA can reduce the number of crashes that occur in New Jersey and around the country. It also hopes that the data it obtains can help to reduce the severity of accidents that might occur in the future.

The last crash study took place in 2003

Results from the last major crash study found that truck drivers played a key role in causing accidents to happen. In some cases, it was what drivers didn’t do that resulted in an accident taking place. The FMCSA acknowledged that the motivation for the new study was the fact that fatal crashes have gone up by 52.6% since 2009.

Much has changed since the last study was conducted

According to the proposal, the FMCSA is curious to see how changes in technology and road design have changed driver behavior. When the last study was conducted, truck drivers were less reliant on cellphones and navigation systems. Automatic emergency braking systems and other advanced safety features have also come into use in the past two decades.

Why it’s important to understand how drivers think

Understanding how drivers think can make it easier to develop technology that will help to keep them safe. This can help to guide policy as it relates to developing mostly or fully automated vehicles. It can also help the government determine if automated safety features already in use are doing their jobs.

Regardless of how many precautions a truck driver or truck owner takes, there is no way to fully prevent truck accidents from occurring. People who have been harmed in an accident caused by truck driver negligence may want to speak with an attorney to learn more about their rights and how to preserve them.