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Spinal injuries can derail your entire life

Suffering an injury to you spine, even a relatively small injury, can mean that you face a long road of recovery ahead of you. The complex systems that interact in the spine control nearly every part of your body, meaning an injury to your spine may affect every aspect of your life, drastically impacting what you can do for work and possibly causing immense pain and discomfort.

Of course, if you have a severe spinal injury, then you probably already know. If a spinal injury occurs that is sufficiently severe, the victim may not retain any control over much of his or her body, because spinal injuries often lead to partial or complete paralysis. However, a victim who receive a moderate injury may simply push through the pain until the injury worsens and causes some very real and potentially permanent pain and loss of function.

If you suffered a spinal injury because of an accident, you must carefully review the circumstances that lead to your injury, to determine if you have a strong case for a personal injury claim. A strong claim can help cover the significant medical costs of treating a spinal injury as well as help cover the income you lose from missing long stretches of work, or possibly being unable to work permanently.

Damage to your spine

Your spinal column is a complex system that is not always simple to understand. The spine itself consists of interlocking bones and shock absorbing material that protect all the nerves that travel from your brain stem to every part of your body. If the spine suffers an injury, not only may this destabilize the victim so that he or she cannot stand or walk, it may also sever or pinch nerves as they travel through the spinal column.

Pinched or severed nerves can impact your day-to-day living significantly. Even a single pinched nerve may cause ongoing pain and discomfort, often in the form of tingling and numbness in a certain area, or simply sharp or radiating pain in a region.

It is also possible for the shock-absorbing cartilage within the spine to receive too much strain, causing the structure to herniate or burst. Not only does this reduce the mobility of the victim, it may cause grinding in the spine and can pinch or sever nearby nerves.

Initially, none of these injuries may cause pain, depending on the particular injury that the victim suffers, but once nerves begin to suffer, it may be too late to make a full recovery. Nerves are very fragile structures, and feed directly into the brain, which means that any damage to a nerve is often irreparable and may cause pain for many months or years.

Protect your future with a strong legal strategy

Pursuing fair compensation for your injury is not an easy matter, especially if you already face the daunting task of dealing with a spinal injury. In many cases, your loss of function may make it difficult or impossible to hold employment, even if you make a full recovery. Often, the combination of lost income and significant medical expenses makes it very daunting to know how to move forward. Take care to create a strong legal strategy that protects your rights and seeks full, fair compensation so that you can focus on your own recovery and well-being.

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