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October 2015 Archives

What is a wrongful termination claim?

It is not uncommon for a New Jersey resident to lose his or her job. In some cases, individuals are terminated lawfully and in other cases, they are terminated unlawfully. If a wrongful termination has occurred, the terminated employee will have the right to seek claims of monetary damages against his or her employer.

Property owners can be responsible for trick-or-treating injuries

Halloween traditions have changed since many of us were younger and went door-to-door throughout our neighborhood and beyond in search of treats. Safety concerns have resulted in more parties and group events. However, many Bergen County kids (often with parents in tow) still go trick-or-treating.

Five mistakes that can cost you dearly following a car accident

Car accidents are a fact of modern life that many of us will experience at least once or twice in our lives. Since these accidents happen out of the blue without advance notice, it is vital for everyone to know what to do (and not to do) ahead of time in order to protect your rights, freedom and pocketbook. When a car accident does occur, many do not think clearly and make mistakes that can turn out to be costly. Here are some of the top things not to do after a car accident:

Riding with a group of motorcyclists requires unique precautions

While some New Jersey motorcyclists like the solitude of riding alone, others enjoy riding with a group. It may seem that being part of a group of bikers would make you safer on the road. It certainly makes for greater visibility by other motorists. However, riding as part of a group presents its own unique dangers. Some important precautions can offset those dangers and help your group rides stay enjoyable and safe for everyone.

Stay safe and avoid accidents on New Jersey roads

It is hard to imagine that 100 years ago, very few people had an automobile. This is especially hard to think about when most of us are forced to drive to our jobs, drive our children to school and drive just about everywhere else during the day. We spend so much time inside our automobiles that most New Jersey drivers completely forget about the extreme dangers they are facing when they take to the roads. This is why it is important to practice some safe driving techniques to lessen the chances of getting into an accident.

New Jersey family shocked by Facebook posts about son's death

When someone loses a family member in a tragic auto accident, the pain and anger are understandably unimaginable. For one Jersey City family, however, that pain has been compounded by Facebook posts from those allegedly responsible for the death of an 8-year-old boy.

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