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September 2015 Archives

Who is liable if your child suffers a playground injury?

New Jersey kids often spend hours a week on school, park and other playgrounds. Whether they're being supervised by parents, teachers or other adults, the risk of injury is still there. Few kids make it out of childhood without at least one injury, and perhaps a serious one. Over 200,000 kids suffer some type of playground injury each year.

Whistleblowers and the law

Although it might not feel like it based on how your current or former employer is treating you right now, being a whistleblower is a very honorable position to be in. Also, if you have reported the discriminatory or illegal actions of your employer, you are on the right side of the law, and you are protected from being retaliated against by your employers.

How do whistleblower laws protect New Jersey employees?

Whistleblower laws on both the state and federal levels were enacted to encourage employees to report any activities they see in the workplace that are illegal, fraudulent, discriminatory and/or unsafe without fear of losing their jobs or suffering other types of retaliation. Further, employees who are penalized by their employers for reporting (or threatening to report) these activities to the appropriate authorities can sue their employer. They are also protected if they refuse to participate in these activities.

Pursuing damages after a New Jersey trucking accident

Compared to the average automobile in New Jersey, a semi-truck is a gigantic and lumbering monstrosity that can cause absolute destruction in a collision. Indeed, the typical car does not have a chance when it is involved in a traffic accident with a giant semi-truck. As a result, these kinds of accidents often result in catastrophic injury and death.

What are 'reasonable accommodations' in the workplace?

New Jersey has a Law Against Discrimination that prohibits discrimination by employers in all stages of a person's employment or potential employment, beginning with recruitment and interviews. The law governs not just the reasons for which a person can be terminated, but conditions of employment, compensation and promotions.

Trip and fall accident cases in New Jersey

Some of the most common kinds of injuries in New Jersey trip and fall accident cases include back injuries, neck injuries, traumatic brain injury, broken bones and ligament injuries. Depending on the severity of these injuries, victims may be forced to pay for expensive medical treatments, rehabilitation therapies and time spent unable to work.

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