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March 2014 Archives

Out-of-state driver surrenders day after New Jersey hit-and-run

A few seconds of negligence can change the life of an accident victim or lives of survivors forever. A serious injury may require a long, costly recovery or permanent care. Losses for immediate relatives extend beyond emotional suffering, especially following the death of a family's primary wage earner.

New Jersey liability ruling for windshield obstruction: $473,000

Have you ever pulled up behind another driver at a Bergen County red light and seen a back window filled with toys, pillows, tissue boxes or stickers? The decorations or -- depending on how you view the items -- clutter block the driver's ability to see and violate New Jersey law 39:3-74 for windshield vision obstruction. It's a minor traffic offense that turned out to be a major factor in a recent liability decision.

Retaliation alleged by New Jersey groundskeeper in school suit

A New Jersey school board is no stranger to lawsuits. Several cases, including an unresolved wrongful dismissal lawsuit, were filed against the board or board members recently. The latest case contends a school grounds manager was let go by the Deptford Township school officials because of the employee's political leanings.

Estate of New Jersey teen killed in crash files notice of claim

Statutes of limitation are legal time limits. Plaintiffs in Bergen County liability cases must act in a timely manner for a case to be considered valid. A two-year filing deadline is set in most, but not all, claims for personal injury and wrongful death, under New Jersey statute 2A: 31.

Trash truck collision kills New Jersey rabbinic student

When your car strikes another vehicle of the same size in a low speed collision, the damage is usually slight or at least confined to property. Replace the car causing the accident with a truck and change the second vehicle to a person. The likelihood of the pedestrian's serious injury is elevated dramatically.

Police: Car damage helped identify New Jersey hit-and-run driver

A Bergen County driver's response to being in a traffic accident is extremely important. Drivers in car accidents have obligations to fulfill, including calling for emergency help and aiding injured victims. Drivers may not intend to cause a crash but, if they flee the scene, it's clear a conscious decision is made.

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