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December 2013 Archives

New Jersey trucker cited after 8-year-old is struck, killed

There were more than 241,000 traffic accidents in New Jersey last year, the lowest number of crashes since 1999, according state transportation officials. Over 60,000 statewide accidents involved injuries in 2012 and 525 collisions were fatal, among the lowest totals of the last 15 years.

More senior drivers hit the road, so federal government steps up

The driving demographics of Hackensack are changing. No more is driving the sport of the young; rather, there are more and more older drivers on the road. While the jokes and stereotypes about senior drivers may not always be accurate, older drivers can certainly be at-risk drivers. They may not be speeding or texting behind the wheel, but they cause a significant number of accidents and driver injuries every year.

$25,000 judgment awarded in employment discrimination hair trial

A workplace policy that imposes the same rules on all employees seems like a wise management decision. Rules, like a company dress code, can be the same for everyone but may disadvantage protected class workers, as outlined the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

New Jersey Thanksgiving van accident kills 1, injures 10

The owners and operators of commercial passenger vehicles must comply with strict state laws. Drivers must be properly trained and licensed and the commercial vehicle's maintenance and servicing must be up-to-date. Violations, especially involving car accidents, can result in citations, criminal charges and liability lawsuits.

Coast Guard checking for DUI in New Jersey pier ferry crash

The thought of a boating accident probably brings to mind mistakes made in summer by recreational boaters. Boating collisions seem like distant cousins to car accidents, but the two have similarities. Maritime rules do not apply to cars, but cars and boats are both motor vehicles driven by individuals responsible for the safety of passengers and other operators.

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