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October 2013 Archives

Some tips for keeping kids safe during trick-or-treating

In just a few days, hordes of costumed children will hit the streets and sidewalks throughout the state of New Jersey in search of both candy and a bit of adventure. While the prospect of trick-or-treating with family and friends sounds like a recipe for fun, it can also prove to be a recipe for disaster if these pint-sized pedestrians are more focused on sweets than safety.

Parents urged to get involved during Teen Driver Safety Week

In recognition of the fact that teens are inexperienced behind the wheel and need additional time to develop safe driving skills to manage higher-risk situations -- driving during nighttime hours, driving with passengers, etc. -- all 50 states have introduced what are known as graduated driver licensing, or GDL, programs.

Emergency responders have to act fast after hilltop bus crash

If you traveled only a few miles on some of the more heavily trafficked roads and highways here in New Jersey, there is a very good chance that you would observe the drivers of passenger cars, pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles driving somewhat carelessly around trucks or buses, perhaps darting in front of them or following them very closely.

Report shows dangers of deer-vehicle collisions during autumn

While we've enjoyed sunshine, moderate temperatures and otherwise pleasant conditions here in New Jersey over the last few months, it's time to start preparing yourself for all that to change. Sooner than later, autumn will start to wind down and winter will set in, meaning falling temps and, of course, rain, sleet and snow which will serve to make the roads especially slick.

Quick-thinking heroes save life of truck accident victim

When most of us see a New Jersey State Police trooper idling on the side of the road or just off an entrance ramp, we automatically step on the brakes and check our rearview mirror out of fear of getting a ticket. While this is understandable, it's important to stop and remember that these brave men and women are not just there to issue traffic citations or make life difficult for motorists, rather they are there to help keep us safe.

Study seeks to identify who is the most likely to drive drowsy

When it comes to identifying the risky driving behaviors that most frequently result in fatal car accidents, most of us would probably list drunk driving and distracted driving. While this is certainly accurate, it actually overlooks an equally dangerous driving behavior that many people unknowingly engage in almost every day: drowsy driving.

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