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August 2013 Archives

NJ appellate court: Third-party texters can be held liable in crash

New Jersey has adopted what could reasonably be referred to as a rather unforgiving posture toward distracted driving over the last few years. To illustrate, the state has previously passed laws banning texting and talking on hand-held phones by all motorists, while just last year it passed a law which classifies distracted driving as a crime punishable by fines of up to $150,000 and up to 10 years in jail if it causes an accident that results in personal injuries.

Northern New Jersey's Route 15 sees tragic drunk driving accident

When a drunk driver makes the unfortunate decision to get behind the wheel, they risk the health and safety of both innocent motorists and those riding in the car with them. In fact, in many situations, these passengers may have no idea how intoxicated the driver actually is until it's too late.

New safety testing to target crash avoidance systems

If you were to scan the car accidents headlines here in New Jersey over the last month, chances are very good that you'd see all manner of auto wrecks (head-on-collisions, side-impact wrecks, rear-end collisions, rollover accidents, etc.) caused by a multitude of factors (speeding, alcohol, running a stop sign, etc.).

Commuter bus safety becoming a major issue for state lawmakers

Independent commuter bus lines -- meaning those companies that run routes from New Jersey's more densely populated areas into Manhattan -- have recently been in the crosshairs of state lawmakers over what they say are fundamentally unsafe practices that can, and often do, result in serious bus accidents.

Tragic rollover accident rocks North Bergen

The unfortunate reality is that many serious or fatal car accidents are entirely preventable. In other words, if a driver had just followed the rules of the road, not had that last drink or put their phone away, or if a passenger had just taken a few seconds to buckle their seatbelt, tragedy could have been averted.

Police investigating chain-reaction truck crash on Turnpike

As most drivers know, there is a very big difference between experiencing car trouble while on a side street and while on the interstate. In the former, you can more than likely safely reduce your speed and take your time either pulling to the side of the road or finding a parking lot. In the latter, you must think fast and act fast, getting your car over to the side of the road as quickly and as safely as possible in order to avoid starting a traffic jam.

Medical center fighting distracted driving one step at a time

There is no question that texting while driving has reached near epidemic levels here in the United States. Consider statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which show that in 2011 alone 3,331 people were killed and another 387,000 injured in distracted driving-related car accidents.

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